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IN SESSION STUDIOS is owned and operated by Elizabeth.  As a singer and performer in the entertainment industry for the past 10 years, Liz understands how imperative it is to have strong vocal and performance coaching. It is her aim to give students of all ages and abilities the opportunity to sing and perform with confidence and ease.


Liz has studied in the arts of singing, performance and piano, honing her craft, to become the experienced vocalist she is today.  She has studied many different styles and singing techniques with some of Australia’s greatest teachers including Ron Lees and Tania G. This mix of contemporary, classical and gospel techniques, has helped her to become a polished vocalist and allows her a broad spectrum of skills to share with her students.


Miriam is a qualified Primary School Teacher who has worked in Primary Schools as a Music Teacher for 8 years.  An experienced singing and music teacher, Miriam enjoys working with individuals of all ages, beginners to advanced.


Miriam's love of singing and performing began at a young age in Primary School where she participated in her first musical. Her interest in singing and performing has advanced over the years as she has continued to participate in musicals and other local functions.


A multi talented instrumentalist makes her an ideal teacher for students interested in combining vocals with an instrument. Miriam is a very supportive and encouraging teacher whose love and enjoyment of music shines through and rubs off on others.


Olivia has always had a strong passion for music and singing since a very young age. One quote that really resonates with her is “People haven’t always been there for me, but music has”.


She is passionate about teaching her students to put their hearts, souls and emotions into their performances and using their songs to express what sometimes their words can’t.


Olivia has studied singing and performing for almost 10 years. Her studies also included completing Certificate 3 in Music where she was coached by professionals who had extensive experience in the music industry. She has always had a strong desire to teach and pass on the knowledge and skills she has learned along the way.


Shani has been a member of the music industry for the past 8 years. Her love of music stems from childhood where she began singing in choirs at the age of 6. As a young adult she began touring with local and internationally known bands featuring a combination of fusion, soul, jazz and Motown style genres. Shani has a diploma in Contemporary Music Performance and has performed at numerous venues across Melbourne. 

Shani is intrigued by the wide range of vocal styles that can be found in her students. As a result, she has developed a number of methods to improve vocal technique, vocal confidence, expression and performance. She strives to empower students with the knowledge, confidence and ability to reach for their goals and to achieve their full potential whether it be vocally or instrumentally.


With over 25 years of singing & stage experience, Dannii understands what it takes to captivate and hold the attention of an audience. Imparting her valuable insight along to her students, while providing them with support and encouragement to pursue their own musical career, brings a smile to her face and to her students!


Dannii first stepped out on stage at 18, providing lead vocals for a number of local cover bands. The desire to master her vocal instrument led Dannii to undertake years of intensive training in both classical and modern vocal technique. Dannii performs regularly around Melbourne as the lead vocalist for a number of successful music acts.


Here at In Session Studios we are always looking to expand and grow our team...


If you have any interest in teaching, sharing your knowledge and the joy of the arts with others, then get in touch! If you are unsure whether or not you are qualified, send us an email anyway. If you are unsure whether or not our hours will suit you, contact us anyway! It never hurts to put your name out there! We are a friendly, family focused small business always looking for committed, realiable individuals to join our team! 

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PHONE: 0410 895 512